Meet the Team - TC's

Shanda Macomber

Shanda Macomber, Owner/TC


Thank you for visiting our website. I take so much pride in my work, this business and I really am passionate about what we do.

I am grateful to have such a great support system starting with my parents and continuing with my husband, who is also an employee. I also had some great mentors in the business and I would wouldn’t be here today without their support and guidance. 

The TC team is selected to be the best. Everyone in our company has a great work ethic along with a positive can-do attitude. Our company name was chosen to represent a happy environment with all parties when working with us.

I’ve been in the business for 20 years and started as an admin and then eventually decided to take the part of the job I loved (the paperwork) and focus on that. With happy clients my business quickly grew and so more TC’s were hired to support the growth and provide attention to detail on each file. 

I look forward to discussing our process with you. We truly enjoy having happy clients!

Support Staff

Tracy Wickland

Tracy Wickland, Executive Assistant

Tracy has been an instrumental component in the company and its growth She's always happy to help whatever the task may be.   

Tracy joined Shanda in 2015. She is certified by CAR as a CTC Certified Transaction Coordinator and works hard each day to create a positive experience for both our agents and staff. A San Diego native who has lived in north county for 50 years come this November, she has extensive knowledge of the area. Her and her husband David, their son Evan and beloved dogs Maggie and Shiloh reside in north county. Tracy and Shanda met over 20 years ago in the workplace and have remained close since that time. 


Jairah Bronzal, Assistant

Jairah is the newest member of the Be Happy TC team. She believes that our thoughts are responsible for the things we manifest. She works directly under  Shanda on emailing and other documentation processes needed for more efficient transactions. 

Marketing Team

River Macomber, Director of Marketing


River has a passion for marketing and so he fit nicely in the position. He also has a knack for paying attention to details and so he also helps out as an assistant as well.