What We DO

We encourage you to call our office to get a full description of what we can do for you and what to expect. Below is a general outline of what we do.

· Open escrow

· Contact sheet and important dates to escrow (and lender if we represent buyer).

· Important dates to co-op agent and TC, if applicable.

· Introduction email and important dates to our client.

· Order NHD and CLUE (if applicable).

· Order Home Warranty (if applicable).

· Reminder (weekly) via email to do AVID until completed.

· All disclosures are sent through our docusign account.

· Disclosures to buyer (we use our own CAR forms account).

· If we represent the buyer, we will review documentation to ensure it is complete and ready for the buyers’ side, then we will put in docusign for them to review and sign. Your clients are welcomed to call us with questions and we can help. Note: Some Items we won’t be able to answer with us not having seen the property.

· Reminder via email to you regarding contingency removal deadlines.

· We will send email to other agent/TC (regarding contingency removal) upon your request but find that often you are still working out items (request for repairs, etc.) with the other agent.

· All required contracts, disclosures, documents uploaded and processed to broker portal, if applicable.

· Updates – 2-3 updates via email over the course of the escrow with an update as to what is missing from the file. Updates go to you, and the other TC or agent and escrow (if TC is not applicable). 

· General follow-up – We don’t ever assume a task is going to be completed so when we request something we always attach a reminder to it to remind us to follow-up.

· Disclosures to seller 

· We will make sure all disclosures get completed by seller and then sent to the other agent/TC.

· We work with the buyer side to make sure corrections (if needed) & documentation are provided in a timely matter.

· Any other documents that needed to be signed during the transaction (request for repairs, addendums, escrow docs etc.) We will send over to client for their signature(s) via docusign. 

· We are a paperless office and agent will receive a link to dropbox file once file closes.